Legacies and Wills

Leaving a Gift in your Will to TANZ
Remembering TANZ in your Will is a wonderful way to support us.

Your gift could:

  • Provide support to Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) sufferer by way of therapeutic equipment like weighted blankets, chew necklaces, stress balls or similar
  • Provide support and a listening ear to a caregiver of a TS sufferer by way of counsellor
  • Provide one or more TS sufferer(s) to attend the bi-annual ‘Camp Twitch’
  • Provide educators (i.e. schools, teachers, teacher aides) resources and coping mechanisms for TS students within their school
  • Assist with the development of a Tourette Syndrome-specific retreat centre that will provide respite not only for those living with Tourette Syndrome but for their parent(s) and siblings also

If you have already made a Will you need to ask your Solicitor about drawing up a Codicil (an addition or amendment) which will need to be incorporated into your existing will.

If you have not already made a Will, then you will need to include your wish to leave a Bequest to TANZ when you make your Will.

You will need to give the following information to your Solicitor:

  • Charity name: Tourette’s Association of New Zealand
  • Charity registration number: CC49639

The type of gift you choose to leave TANZ is up to you.

  • You could specify an amount of money, property, stocks or share you would like to gift
  • You could make a Residuary Gift. A Residuary Gift is the remainder of the Estate after all other gifts have been honoured and debts have been paid.
  • You could gift a percentage of your Estate.

Please let us know if you make a gift to TANZ in your Will so that we have the opportunity to thank you.