Groups and organisations

TANZ relies on the generosity of Groups and Organisations to ensure that we can continue to provide support and resources to Tourette Syndrome (TS) sufferers and supporters.

If your Group or Organisation would like to fundraise for TANZ we’d love to hear about it.

Please email or phone (03) 940-9420 and let us know your fundraising ideas. We would be delighted to offer our advice and support.

If your Organisation or Group would like to make a donation to TANZ you can do so in the following ways:

1. You can make a donation securely online

2. You can post a cheque, made payable to Tourette’s Association of New Zealand

  • Tourette’s Association of New Zealand
  • C/- Christchurch Community House
  • 301 Tuam Street
  • Christchurch 8011

(Please include your full name and address so that we can provide you with a Receipt and Thank You)

3. You can make a payment directly into our bank account 03-1355-0772557-00.

(Please use your name as a reference)

If you support us in this way, please contact us by phone (03) 940-9420 or email with the following information so that we can provide you with a Receipt and Thank You.

  • Your name (or organisation/workplace name)
  • Your postal address
  • Amount deposited
  • Date deposited
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your email address (this is so we can email your Receipt/Thank You and save TANZ money!)

If you would like further information about TANZ or would like a representative to visit your Organisation or Group to talk about TANZ, please email or phone (03) 940-9420.