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Living With Tourette's

Tourette’s Syndrome is an incurable disorder causing uncontrollable verbal outbursts and physical tics. These can make it impossible for sufferers to work, make friends, or even go to the shops. Spitting, swearing and motor tics make even the simplest tasks difficult, and draw unwanted attention and judgement from society. This local documentary series follows six  sufferers’ struggles to get work, find love and bring up kids in a society not designed to cope with Tourette’s.

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I have Tourette’s. Get over it. | Analise and Robyn Twemlow | TEDxChristchurch

In this brave and touching talk, Analise and Robyn argue for Tourette’s to be recognised as a disability, and for treatment to be made available accordingly.

When Analise Twemlow was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in 2013, her mother Robyn sprang into action, forming the Tourette’s Association New Zealand – of which she is now executive director – and Camp Twitch, a national gathering for Kiwis with Tourette’s. 11-year-old Analise is also a powerful advocate for the rights of people with Tourette’s, speaking at a Grand Round Lecture at Christchurch Public Hospital and appearing on multiple TV programmes.

‘Just A Tic

Appeared on Sunday, TV1 in February 2014, duration 11:34.
Meet three Christchurch children and their families living with Tourette Syndrome.

Guide to Tourette’s

Appeared on Attitude, TV1 in November 2014, duration 28:53.
Auckland actor Paul Barrett explains about life with Tourette’s in a candid and information documentary. Watch here.

Camp Twitch

Camp Twitch 2017

Published on May 5, 2016 by 43words, duration 0:48.

Inside Tourette’s Camp

Appeared on Seven Sharp, TV1 in Oct 2014, duration 4:04.
See what a camp full of kids, teens and adults with Tourette’s is like.

Feel Free to Ask

Published on May 5, 2016 by 43words, duration 0:30.

Just Get Over It

Published on May 5, 2016 by 43words, duration 0:29.