Why become a member?

There are many good reasons to become a Member, or a Subscriber to the e-newsletter.

First and foremost is belonging to a community where being different is not only a way of life, but it is the best way to live life. Our motto is to ‘tic loud and tic proud’ as it is our belief that positive self-esteem makes a big difference in the lives of those living with Tourette Syndrome.

Being a MEMBER of the Tourette’s Association New Zealand provides you with support and the opportunity to learn from the real-life experiences of those living with Tourette Sydnrome – whether that be as an individual with TS; or from a partner, parent or sibling of someone with Tourette’s. Knowing you are not only in dealing with TS is empowering and comforting.

Fun and friendship. Being among those who don’t judge, where you are free to be yourself is liberating for someone with Tourette’s and when the opportunity to just be themselves arises you’ll be hard pressed to find a more fun-loving group of people to hang out with.

We encourage our MEMBERS to join us at Camp Twitch or to attend one of our social events where you are always welcome.

There are two membership options available:

1. a paid memberships that costs $50 for the first year and then $30 per annum. On becoming a paid member the individual registered receives a Tourette’s Association t-shirt; can request a TANZ membership/ID card; is invited to register for Camp Twitch ahead of other members; receives print material like brochures for schools to help others understand TS; invites to social events and member-only events; receive the e-newsletter.

2. a free membership that will see the individual registered receive the e-newsletter; is invited by email to register to attend Camp Twitch (when applicable) and invites to social events and member-only events.

Keep up-to-date with what we are achieving and what events are planned by subscribing to our E-NEWSLETTER.

There is strength in numbers and the Tourette’s Association New Zealand has a vision to educate the public about Tourette Syndrome to encourage awareness and acceptance.

In order to make change we need your help.