You're not alone

Sometimes the struggle of living with Tourette’s can seem to be yours and yours alone. And often as a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome there can be times when you feel you are to blame for your child’s behaviour; or you feel helpless when you are unable to help your child when he or she is in pain.

These are very real feelings and issues that many of us in the Tourette’s community have experienced.

Here you will find a series of videos featuring children, teenagers and adults with Tourette Syndrome, as well as parents and siblings, talking about life when you tic.

Just A Tic’, appeared on Sunday, TV1 in February 2014, duration 11:34
Meet three Christchurch children and their families living with Tourette Syndrome.


Inside Tourette’s Camp’, appeared on Seven Sharp, TV1 in Oct 2014, duration 4:04
See what a camp full of kids, teens and adults with Tourette’s is like.


Guide to Tourette’s’, appeared on Attitude, TV1 in November 2014, duration 28:53
Auckland actor Paul Barrett explains about life with Tourette’s in a candid and information documentary.