CBIT Practitioners

Cognitive Behaviour Intervention for Tics (CBIT) therapy has proven to be successful for a number of people diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.

The therapy is based on habit reversal training. The essence of CBIT is tic-awareness and competing-response training. Tic-awareness training teaches a child how to self-monitor for early signs that a tic is about to occur. Competing-response training teaches a voluntary behaviour designed to be physically incompatible with the impending tic, thereby disrupting the cycle and decreasing the tic.

There is now a practitioner in Christchurch and one in Auckland in private practice offering CBIT for children with Tourette Syndrome. Both are clinical psychologist and former DHB employees who working in mental health.

Olya Kolyaduke welcomes enquiries from families in the Auckland region and can be contacted by email at olya.kolyaduke@gmail.com

Likewise Cherie Benns is available for families in Christchurch and can be contacted by email at cherie.benns@gmail.com