Tourettes - Youth

Young people are the best people to work with because they have fantastic passion and creativity – and young people with Tourette’s seem to be even more talented than the rest of the population.

Here at the Tourette’s Association it is our mission to support our young people in the best way possible – however we don’t want to make assumptions on how to best do that.

So we’d like your input.

If we can get funding to support this idea, we’d like to have hui with young people from throughout the country to find out what the real issues are that children and teens with Tourette’s face; how these could be addressed; and how the Tourette’s Association could help.

Please email Robyn Twemlow if you are interested in participating. Fingers crossed that if the funding application is successful that we will be able to fly young people down to Christchurch to participate.

Therefore if you live outside of Christchurch we would only like teenagers, age 13 or older, to put their name down to participate.

If you live in Christchurch young people age 12 and over are encouraged to email their interest.

Contact Robyn either by email, or call (03) 940-9420.

We’d also like to come up with a funkier name for the Youth component of the Tourette’s Association of New Zealand. Send some ideas if you have any.