Support Groups

As well as meeting for coffee and a chat, this year we are also offering on-line support groups via Skype for parents, children, teens and adults with Tourette's.

If you are interested in being apart of this, please contact


Christchurch “coffee and chat” evening for parents.

To be held Wednesday March 1, 7pm at Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street. Off-site parking in available after-hours. Because the building is not open to the public after-hours please use the buzzer for entry.


An informal coffee and chat evening will be planned for March 2017. Please watch this space for date and time as well as venue.

Palmerston North

We have two families in Palmerston North who are interested in meeting other parents to share experiences and to provide their children with the opportunity to meet someone else like them. If you would like to be involved I this please email the office –

Online parent support

The Tourette’s Association administers a members-only, closed parent support group on Facebook. This has over 150 members and comprises of adults with Tourette Syndrome as well as parents of children with Tourette Syndrome.

When next on Facebook search for the group named Tourette’s Support NZ. You can either request to join the group, at which time I will private message you to vet out any requests from the unwelcome public; otherwise please email me and we can arrange joining –