Our Board

Anthony Fallon - Deputy Chair

Tony is a native of South Roscommon, Ireland but following a job offer post-earthquake, he now calls Christchurch home. He has been working in the healthcare sector for 8 years and being of strong Irish heritage has a propensity to advocate for the underdog in society.

Tony is the current chair of the DISC trust which runs Needle Exchange Clinics and a renowned Community Hepatitis C Clinic in the South Island. In addition, he sits on the National Needle Exchange Services Trust board to contributing to the national policy.

It was at the TEDx Christchurch event where Tony heard Robyn and Analise Twemlow speak about life with Tourettes and he was deeply moved by their story. He brings to the board experience of not-for-profit governance and policy. Tony lives in North Canterbury with his partner and exotic shorthair cat Stella who doubles as an emotional terrorist.

Lauren Smith

I was diagnosed with Tourettes when I was 9 years old and living in South Africa. In those days it was a very unknown disorder and my parents struggled with the reality of supporting a child with Tourettes and without any support for themselves. When I was young I had a range of motor and vocal tics, some of which became severe during my adolescent years. My family moved to New Zealand in 2002; where I finished high school and attended the University of Waikato. Despite the challenges that we faced as a family, my parents never gave me any reason to doubt that I couldn’t be whoever I wanted to be. As I got older I learned to control my tics, refusing to let them control me. I am now a Registered Psychologist working at the Ministry of Education and live with my Husband Andy, in Cambridge.

I am passionate about the members of TANZ finding support and understanding, not only from the wider community, but also amongst themselves. TANZ provides the means for children and young people, as well as their families, to meet others going through the same challenging struggles. It provides them with a safe and understanding network of people where they can seek comfort, reassurance and help when necessary. TANZ has provided a ray of light to those suffering from Tourettes so that they do not have to travel, the often dark road, alone.

Sue Isitt

I have always lived in Christchurch and am semi-retired after a career in teaching and administration.  Over a long period of time I have held a number of voluntary long-term roles in local sports and community clubs, generally as secretary or treasurer.  With a little time on my hands, I found that Tourettes NZ were looking for a Treasurer and I volunteered to fill the role.

Also on the board: Amber Murdoch and Lee Smith, photos and bios not available.